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NPO "Mekhinstrument" is one of the largest manufacturers of garden, snow removal and minor tillage tools both in Russia and abroad.

All products unlike the products of companies engaged in the same production, consistent with existing standards of high quality. The company also operates a multi-stage control of the technological process, which also distinguishes the products of the "Mekhinstrument" from the tools produced by the handicraft guild.

The range of traditionally manufactured products (pruners, loppers, pruning knives and saws, shovels, rakes, rippers & other tillage tool, as well as winter snow removal equipment) has more than 130 names.

Based on the wishes of customers, as well as the results of marketing research conducted the work on creation of new design and consumer properties of varieties of tools for gardeners and crop growers. Qualified specialists of the design Bureau of the enterprise with the use of computer aided design technology develop three-dimensional prototypes then tested and after a successful test produced.